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mercredi 1 avril 2015

March Favorites

March obsessions

March has gone past in a blink of an eye ! I've barley had time to think of my monthly fav's that it's already time to list them !

M83: "Holes in the sky"; "My tears are becoming a sea". There's something mystic about this band, I first heard them in Cloud Atlas and then in the Fault in our Stars with "Wait". I fail to describe how they make me feel, they overwhelm me but not in a negative way, if that makes sense ?

Awolnation: "People," "Jump on my shoulders", "Not your fault": just a nice band to dance along to

James bay: "Hold back the river" acoustic version: A very laid back relaxing type of music (perfect soundtrack when in the bath)

Lisa gardner: Live to tell: A thriller centred around a child psychiatric ward and a series of murders. I spent most of my time telling my roommate how messed up the characters were, but it was still a pretty darn good book.

 J.R.R Tolkien, The Hobbit: Master piece

Big eyes: I have already gave my point of view on this film in a previous post, it's just a excellent film as is the other film in this list.

Kingsman: Epic

Video games:
Little big planet 3: It's an adventure/platform game. The game is a bit difficult when playing alone but not as hard on two player mode, however you must have a pretty strong friendship as rage tends to follow the levels.

Rayman Origins: Who doesn't love Rayman, it's an epic game with a great soundtrack and is awesome to play with friends !

Art stuff:
Water paint pencils: I have really been enjoying  water colours, I like adding a touch of colour on black and white drawings.


Lipton: Berry cupcake tea, it's amazing !