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vendredi 3 avril 2015

How to draw Friday

How I draw: *1
This week I will share with you the steps to this drawing. I hope to turn this particular drawing style/theme into a series, a series bassed on emotions  and the colours I think portrait them.
*1 deals with the feeling of anxiety/stress we all feel at a certain point , I used a mix of red blue and brown to represent such feelings. I hope you like this experiment !

Basic idea of the picture (A4 format)

Outline main feature

Placing the face

Plotting the hair line

Add top & start shade

Time for colour, these are water colour pencils

Add colour to centre near hand & on right hand side
Started with blue, then red and added brown to bring out shadows

Take a small paint brush, lightly dip it water and blend the colours

Final image,
the colours are faded on the photo sorry about that, editing them made the colours seem pink so I left them

Copyrite to artist: me
all rights reserved to the artist & blog