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mercredi 18 mars 2015

What's new Wednesday

Collection of memories

We hold on to things that mean something to us, it may be a cinema ticket, the wrapping paper from a gift, the piece of ribbon a friend gave to you to as a joke.

My memories are birthday cards, a multitude of cards designed by a multitude of people I shall never meet, yet they mean so much to me.

On my eleventh birthday I apparently decided that I wanted to keep these small parts of my birthday and have kept doing so since.

Sometimes I wonder what made eleven year old me foresee how I would love looking back at these cards and remembering the past.

There's a certain nostalgia to this collection, a sense of overwhelming joy  and the startling effect of time and change when you fall across the shadow of your younger self.

The impact of change and growing becomes visible with this collection as it changes and grows with you. The people sending the card change and some remain, friendships built and family links cherished.

My memories are cards, strangers crafts brought to me from loved ones.