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lundi 2 mars 2015

Monday News

Last weeks Headlines

The past week internet took a liking for the Britt Awards; Madonna's cape disaster and a Dress...

The Britt Awards are a musical/ celebrity mash up. The worldwide retransmission on Internet was hosted by two internet sensations Dan Howell (Danisnotonfire) and Phil Lester (AmazingPhil). The fact that the show was broadcasted worldwide is an excellent thing as it isn't on French TV, and I really wanted to see it. The  host of the show were Ant & Dec two british presentators ,I used to watch when I was in england like a decade ago, and although the banter between them was cringe worthy that's what characterizes the show.

Following the course of events, during the Britt  Awards, a number of singers/bands perform: Taylor Swift (opened the ceremony with Blank Space);Sam Smith, Ed Sheeran (bloodstream, was the performance I prefered) and Madonna..

 Madonna came on stage, wearing a long black cape or as I like to call it: a disaster waiting to happen. Like always Madonna was rocking her stuff, dance routine you name it, however a meter long cape isn't a good idea when other dancers are around. The worse happened, she went down in slow motion as the world held its breath, fearing for the dancers job and Madonna.. Star power obliges she got back up and finished her performance like nothing had ever happened. High five for Madonna and her nerves of steal.
That is what remains in my mind from the Britt's, was a good show, and bravo to all the artists that won awards.

Now you see that was the "radical" side of the headlines of the past week, the irrational side has the form of a dress... A black and blue/ gold and white dress that made the internet flame up in a movement of "meme" mayhem. I have no idea how or why this was a thing, but internet doesn't need explaning. I came to the conclusion of A) No one Cares B) there's two dresses.
Thank you for reading, and see you Wednesday for some February Favorites.