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vendredi 6 mars 2015

February Favourites

Mes coups de coeur
Hi everyone,
I know that I usually post a how to draw on Friday but I need a new drawing book so can't do that this week. I missed Wednesday's post, was a bit of an hetic day, the post I had programmed failed so I'll be doing it again today.

Here are some of the things I enjoyed last month:

Kingsman: Collin Firth as a badass spy, what more could you want ? The film was amazing, the effects were great and weren't over done (if that makes sense). What I loved the most about the film was the choice of music. I think  that a good soundtrack can uplift a film and it surely did in this one. The scene in the Churh with "simple man" by Lynard Skynard playing in the background remains my favourite part of the film.

Little Miss Sunshine: This came out in 2006 and I somehow missed it (shame on me I know). The cast is amazing: Steve Carell, Abigail Breslin, Paul Dano are the ones I liked most in the film. The story is about a familly who plan to take their daughter to the little miss Sunshine beauty competition, this story will take you on an emotional roller coaster as you follow the evolution of the relationships between the characters. On a whole it's one of those heart warming feel good films.

Ed Sheeran: X, love most of the songs I've heard so far, bloodstream being one of my favorites after I saw the live performance he did at the Brits (here's a link to the BritAward's youtube channel with Ed Sheeran's performance)

Fall out Boy: still loving the new album but also started listening to the older songs again. 
I love the difference in genre of the things I've put in this category !


Wuthering Heights Emily Bronte: I think most of us know the story, it's a classic everyone should read at least once.
No second chance Harlan Coben: Dectective/thriller novel, the story starts with two gun shots and it just keeps getting better. I think I've read it like twenty times !

And that's all I liked last month, thanks you for reading, Have a good week end !