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mercredi 18 février 2015

What's new Wednesday

Big Hero 6

Finally I have seen the new Disney film Big Hero 6 ! It was as amazing as I thought it would be.
Look at how cute he is !
(My own photo at Pathé cinema)

This Disney  is an adaptaion/remake of a Marvel comic. The  film has a japanese manga inspiration reflected in the general art of the film thoughout character design and scenary: set in San Fransokyo, Tadashi, Hiro.

The main protagonist are Hiro and Baymax, Baymax is an adorable robot, the design of the character is very simple, like a giant marshmellow, yet I found Baymax to be the most touching character of the movie. I was amazed at how such an "expressless" character could deliver such emotions with just  voice and movement.
On a more detailed level, the visual side of the film was outstanding the colors and general art really portraited the mix between Japanese culture and Amercain culture ( the cofee shop set in an traditional like building selling donuts) and the characters were adorable and  the manga inspirations found in elements such as the characters hair cuts, names  and clothes.

I adored  the fact that the plot focused on friendship and not a love story, something that is rare in Disney movies and that made the film  appealing to me. Focusing on friendship is something I find important, even more in a Disney movie that adresses children. I think  it is a good move to let them know that even if a love story is great, it isn't the only thing that is essential in life.

On the whole Big Hero 6 was great on the plot level, visual level, oh and  the soundtrack , Fall out Boy Immortals, best song ever and is perfect for the film (I am planning on buying the album just because of this song !)
Thank you for reading, see you on Friday.