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mardi 10 février 2015

What's New Wednesday: Disney

Disney day out

So  last wedndesday I went to Disney for the day. It was the first time I've ever been to Disney and I was like "fuck yeah I'm going to Disney" *insert happy dance*

The day started pretty early as we left at 6:40am to get the 7:00 bus to the train station.
Our train was at half eight so we had 20mins to wait, time we spent getting cofee ,breakfast and some magazines for the three hour train journey.
8:30: got on the train , and after being in the wrong wagon and seats for five minutes we finally found our seats. The trip was great, I spent most of the time listening to music while Marie slept.
11.30: Arrived in Paris at Marne la valley, direction Disney !
12.00: In the park, my inner child was screaming, I was just grinning like an idiot and reall happy to be at Disney with my best friend.

As there wasn't a lot of people we barley had to wait to get on the rides, if you don't want to wait a lot going to the park in the middle of the week in winter is a good plan.

We were able to do a lot in one day which made me happy, we went on various rides, the one I liked the most was the Peter pan one as it was visually amazing and great fun.
The"rides"we did (that I can remember)
Buzz lightyear, Pirates of the Caribbeans, Nemo, haunted house, Ratatouille( gave me motion sickness, I do not cope with 3D very well FML), visited Sleepy Beauty's Castle, Disney studios (was amazing seeing the orginal drawings !), Toy story world ..
7:20pm train back to Aix TGV (I slept most of the time, while Marie went insane over a Sudoku)then bus back to Aix and a walk home, got back at 00.00pm tired but happy.

The day was great and has filled my intense wish to go to Disney, I will keep in mind the whole day but will share with you some that made my day that extra bit better:
 the image of Marie running after the Mad Hatter running after the Queen of Hearts (and not getting a photo) and the kids that got freaked out by a speaking bin.

Here are a few photos of the day

Doll palace

Doll palace

yo ho yo ho, a pirates life for me

Haunted house


Badass Buzz


Hollywood tower

Spooky scary skeletons