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lundi 16 février 2015

Monday News:

Excuse me ?! 
Today's news: where has romance gone? or just respect ?

I went out to meet my sister for cofee today and in the 15minutes it took me to get from my flat to town, I was "hit on" in the most adorable ways *cough cough*

A man that could have been my father shouting out of his car window: "man you're f'ing hot"

A man my age stopping in front of me, I thought maybe he needed directions or something, not at all, just wanted to say "you're sexy as fuck" As flattering as that may be, back off.
Then another random man shouting out of his car window some other elegant way of giving compliments.

Where the hell has romance gone  or just plain respect? Who in their right mind would be thrilled to be yelled at in public? I'm not saying everyone is like that, but sadly a majority of men think its ok to whistle at you or howl, firstly I'm not a dog, I will not come running at you if you whistle, secondly you'd have a better shot if you just said hi.

I don't get it, I would never dream of shouting at a man "you're so hot, lets make out !"  I mean that's the most repulsive thing any one could do! I actually wonder if some women  do that, if you do, stop! no one likes being treated like a piece of meat.

I'm not asking for a knight on a horse and a castle and all that fairytale shit, I'm just asking for respect.

Of course not everyone acts like a complete jackass & that's always nice to acknowlegde but sadly 95 per cent of the time any man who comes up to me is either rude or just a plain dick about things...

Maybe I just attract rude people; who knows ?

Maybe I live in a different world where I think people can actually act civil and be poliet?

This lack of respect isn't only visible  when being "hit on" but also in daily life, I see a lot of disrespect in various situations and it drives me mad *insert angry old lady voice*
However I don't think I'm asking for too much, people have been asking for respect for centuries and I would love for it to actually set in peoples minds, and if you are a respectfull person *High five*.

I've finished my "old lady" rant thank you for reading and see you Wednesday.