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lundi 2 février 2015

Monday news: Monthly Favourites

January Favourites
Hi everyone.

    January tends to be a harsh month, why you may ask, well: Christmas is over, works/school/university starts again; society shoves in your face that you need to lose weight cause hey, holiday seasons is over (fuck you, let me eat if I want to !)and Winter  kicked in leaving you cold wet and well cold.
    But all is not lost, January doesn't have to be the month of dread when you constantly look back and wish you could revert to the magic of december (or novemebr depending in how keen you town is with Christamas). No,January can be great  you just need to find some things that make it cool and here are a few of mine.


 Fall out Boy American Psycho:
I've always liked Fall Out Boy ,but I do that thing when I won't listen to a band for a while then suddenly feel a void in my music taste and go back to it. That happend with FOB. Their New album was "leaked" (by the band themselves just to tell those who wanted to leak it to F off) and you can find most of the songs on youtube. The new album is amazing, all of the songs are really catchy and easy to remember. The ones I loved the most being Irresitible and immortals (sound track of BigHero 6)

I rewatched My neighbour Totoro, still love it, the art work is amazing and always makes me have the faint idea of ever working in illustration....

I didn't read anything new in January but I did reread: pride & predjudice and Scott Pilgrim. Two different genres but equally brilliant

Random things:
* Baths: There's something soothing and relaxing about baths, especially buble baths and that is when I thank my little sister for her Yves Rocher bath set that is amazing :D

* Tea: I never used to like tea, shocking for an English person I know! However since I've been living with my roommate tea has become my best friend.
 In January I had :
Lipton Lemonpie tea: green tea & lemon
Stressfree tea: a mix of vanilla, camomille and orange (sounds nasty, is pretty good)
I never really believed in the whole "drinking tea helps you sleep etc" but suprisingly it does.

*Candles: airwich winter spice candle: smells like ginger bread to me and I love it, said to burn for 30 hours, I've had it for a while and it's still burning and smells great.

There you have a fews of the things that made my favourites list.
February's begun and it's looking good with a trip to Disney coming up Wednesday!

Have a good day and I will see you soon