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mercredi 14 janvier 2015

What's New Wednesday: I want to...

What I want to Watch
Lacking the possibility to go to the cinema this week (and last week) due to exams, I thought that I could get my cinema fix by sharing what I am looking forward to see.

Big Hero 6 (coming out February 11):
Source: Google image
 I want to see this beacause:  1) its a disney, there no not seeing it. 2) Baymax looks adorable, his design is pretty simple and that is what makes the character appeal to me. 3) I think ,if I'm not mistaken, that it is an adaptation of a Marvel comic, that's always interesting.

The Immitation Game:
source: Google Image
With Benedict Cumberbatch and Keira Knighlty two actors that I love. The plot is set during the second world war and the protagonists have to crack Nazi codes , this is the main thread of the film.
Big eyes:
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The new Tim Burton movie with Christopher Waltz and Ammy Adams set in the 1950's.
Those are the films I can not wait to see ! (and have to deal with the frustration of them not being out in france yet)