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mercredi 7 janvier 2015

What's New Wednesday: December Favorites

 Thank you Santa ;)
Hi everyone, welcome to a list of my december favorites.
This month I have been loving a few things, and a certain number of them are christmas gifts.

Christmas gifts favs:
* Lolita lempika:
Source: Google image
this smells amazing and the packaging is the cutest thing ever: apple with a heart cut out
* TFIOS dvd, I cry everytime I watch that film/
* Comfy, super soft & super warm Pj's: who needs heating when you have this ?

Music: * The Soundtrack from the movie Judge:  Willie  Nelson The scientist & Holocene by Bon iver
* One republic:I lived: I want this to be the soundtrack of my day I love it that much
* Home Phillips phillips: just a lovely feel good song

* Judge:I was in tears, it's a lovely story about the bond between father and son that can be "rebuilt" from a "tragedy". The music was wonderful, the songs really get to you, a bit like the M88 songs in Cloud Atlas and TFIOS.

* The lord of the rings: finally got round to finishing it!

 I'm the type of person who would rather read a book than watch the film again (if it is a adaptation from a novel that is) and this one took me a while to read as it is all three books in one massive one. It might have been less time consuming to watch the films, then again I am not sure that is true.

Thank you for reading and I will see you on friday with a How to draw post!

sources: google image & youtube