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lundi 26 janvier 2015

Monday's News: Save a life image source
Hello everyone,
I know that I've said a lot of crap about university, and I realize that it can seem like it's horrid but  I assure you it's not all bad.

Today's news is about one of the many good things Universities do: aka giving students/teachers the opportunity to give their blood.
Sadly I can't give blood (because of  some law to do with being in England when there was the mad cow disease idk.) and to be honest I don't deal too well with needles....
However even if I can't take part in the whole stick a needle in my arm and let me save someone, I think it's really important that such structures are set up.
Each year a number of medical staff are on campus and are more than willing to answer any questions you may have, The fact that it takes place on campus makes everything easier.
Today, when I was talking to the staff while waiting for my friend to have something to eat after giving her blood, we all over heard someone say (to a girl who was feeling a little faint) "why did you do something so stupid". The medical staff assumed it was because he was worried about her, but after 10 minutes of him shouting at this poor girl one of the doctors finaly said what we were all thinking:
"she's saving someones life !"
This got my wondering  how some people actually believe that it's a "stupid "thing to do, I mean no one is forcing you to give your blood. The medical staff said to me that it was ok if I couldn't/didn't want to give my blood and that is was nice of me to acknowledge the work they do. 

I think that what I wanted to share was the fact if you ever wanted to feel like superman, giving blood is a way of being a superhero and I think that if you can, you should take that chance, or at least try and find out other ways you can help because as soppy as this may sound, helping people really does make you feel better about yourself. (& humanity, as far as I'm concerned)

Thanks for reading, see you wednesday