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lundi 5 janvier 2015

Monday News : The living hell of exams

Under Pressure
 (Anyone else thinking of the song?)
So it's the New Year and for many exam period has begun.  I know how hard it can be to not go insane during this particular week (or two weeks for me) of hell.

The truth is, no one enjoys exams, well unless you're Hermione Granger that is, so we all just have to deal with it, and that is the hardest part.
I tend to get anxious and freak out; even if I am "prepared" I will always get stressed.

You could think that throughout the years I have spent in the educational system, I would have figured out how to cope with all the pressure and the time consuming moments of doubt. Sadly I have not.

 Exam period is a nightmare no matter how prepared you are, stress seems to be naturally linked to it and this isn't helped by the frantic timetables it creates.
It seems to me that the administrators do not realize that a four hour test at eight in the morning doesn't do anyone any favors.

I know that I have yet to say anything constructive and I am trying to get to that. Basically I am just writing until some sort of inspirational sentences pops into my mind...

I just hope that we all survive the horror exams are.
Do your best, that's all anyone can ask of you