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vendredi 23 janvier 2015

How to draw Friday:

Sinbad's badass villain Eris
This week I'll be drawing Eris, she is the evil protagonist in Disney's Sinbad. I recently fell upon the film, and had never heard of it NEVER!
I  feel like it's one of those underrated Disney films, like Atlantis that noone talks about even though they are pretty darn good, that's why I thought I'd remind people of its existence.

As usual I will be showing the different steps of the drawing and I hope you like it !
Step one: Basic outline
Step two: Define facial features and shoulders
Step Three: Define body

Step Four: Mark the shaded areas & hair

Step Five: More Hair
( key feature of this character, floats around all the time)
Step Six: Shade
Step Seven: Colour in the hair

Step Eight: changed hand, finished hair
Step Ten: Outline with Black pen

 my "set up" AKA sat on my bed with drawing book, PC and a few pens/pencils
(All rights reserved to Disney for original design & to me for reproduction of image)