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vendredi 9 janvier 2015

How To Draw Friday

How To Draw: Marzia Bisognin
Mazia Bisognin AKA Cutiepie, This woman is well known for her Youtube channel where you can find from beauty videos to "Horror" animations. Her artisic skills are reflected on her channel and on her Blog and her creativty has no limits as she has recently designed dresses. As I did not want to draw a fictional character, I thought I would try to draw Marzia.
Here are the photos of the evolution of my work (for those who are interested this took me almost an hour to do)

Basic idea of the drawing

Placing the facial features

Add jaw line and start of hair

Add shoulders

Add design of the top (Marzia's design btw)

Detail the hair

Add shade to the face


Tada_ Marzia Bisoginin