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mercredi 31 décembre 2014

What's new Wednesday

What's New Wednesday

Hi everyone

I have finally found what I really want to do with this blog. I have decided to keep the posts I liked the most and turn over a new leaf in 2015.

The new order of the blog will be composed around three articles per week: Moday, Wednesday & Friday.

Monday Newsreat Matter: I will pick a social "matter" that I will write about. I will give my opinion on the said matter and hopefully you guys would like to share your thoughts etc.

What's New Wednesday: This post will mostly be about what I found entertaining during the week, films, books, fashion etc.

How To Draw Friday: self explanatory really, I will show you one of the drawings I did and maybe put a video up on youtube to show the steps.

I am looking forward to getting on this new adventure, even if it will really be put in place after the exams period so in the third week of January =)