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vendredi 12 décembre 2014


Making christmas decorations
Hi everyone =)
Last Sunday I was killing time watching a Christmas movie when I realized that there were no decorations in the apartment. Feeling a sudden urge to repair this void in my life, I looked around and found somethings I could use to make: a mini chrismas tree and a Snowman.

You will need:
* Green, white and brown card
*Gold and red ribbon
*Black pen / pencil
*Scissors & glue

The steps are the same for both "decorations".
Step one: Take a small square of colored card , fold it in two and start the drawing of the desired design: here a christmas tree and a Snowman
Step two: Cut out the shapes, the fact that the paper was folded allows us to obtain a symmetric picture
Step three: Cut out additional elements: base of the tree and snowman's & arms
Step four: Cut out bands of gold and red ribbon; make the "tinsel" and scarf
Step five: use ribbon to make baubles and bows for the christmas tree
Step one
Step two

Adding base of tree
Gold ribbon, adds a little extra to the base

Red ribbon

red and gold ribbon "tinsel"

Snow man: hat and a failed attempt
Frosty the Snowman!