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vendredi 10 octobre 2014

"If I touch a burning candle, I Can feel no pain.."

How to Draw : The Corpse Bride _Tim Burton

 Hi everyone ,
Halloween is around the corner, and as for me it rimes with Tim Burton movies I have decided to draw one of his character's. Emily  the Corpse bride, she is voicd by Helena Bohnam Carter and is an adorable character who had a horrific fate.
Step one: Basic Outline

Step two: outline of the face and placing the eyes etc.

Step three: defined the eyes and hair

Step four: defined face outline and shape

Step five: Add shade, hair and veil

Step six: add hair

Step seven: Finish hair, add flowercrown

Emily The Corpse Bride

Here is the finished drawing, What does Halloween evoke for you ? Am I the only one who spends the evening watching Tim Burton movies ??
Seen you next Friday