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vendredi 12 septembre 2014

To Infinity and Beyond... or not

How not to draw 

Hi everyone =)

This Friday I had planned on a "how to draw" post, but as you may have guessed by the title, it did not work out...
The fact is, I thought I would attempt to draw Woody from Toy Story.

For some reason I just can't draw Woody ! 
this is how far I got :

It took me wayto long to get this far...

As a result  here are the steps to  a "How NOT to draw"

Step one: look at the picture and think you can't draw that
Step two: Lose patience when you fail to get the face shape right
Step three: Give up before hating an excellent film
Step four: Realize that some times drawing just isn't going to work

I know that some of you might be wondering why I decided to just give in, well, reason number one: I  don't have a full access to internet (therefore when it works you use it when you can !).
 Reason number two: I wanted to be up to date with the Friday posts  and Finally because I have learnt not to persist in a lost battle and that was definitely a lost battle !

I do however have another drawing of a Disney character, just in case any of you wanted to see a finished drawing =)
4 am drawing of Rapunzel

Thank you for reading this post ! I will see you next Friday !