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lundi 29 septembre 2014

" If not me then who ? If not now then when?"


Hi everyone,
(sorry I missed Friday's post !)

I know that most of you have heard about the HeForShe campaign launched a few days ago by the UN  and Emma Watson.  Those who know me are aware of the fact that I have no particular interest in "politics" , however I feel that this matter is worth taking part in.
 I must point out that most of my reflection  was triggered by Emma Watson's speech.
The fact is, I had never truly thought about whether I was or not a "Feminist" all I know is that I am for gender equality and that I do not want to be set as an "extreme feminist" because I am not.

The fact that in 2014 inequality is still dramatic in certain countries seems completely irrational to me. 
The idea that women are paid less; valued less compared to men is something I fail to grasp. To think that my mother, sisters  and female friends are seen as "inferior" is insane to me.
 I also fail to understand why some tend to think that only Women are concerned, men also  face  discrimination , I will quote an illustration used in Emma Watson's speech : Fathers are painted as "less" important compared to a Mothers role.

The HeForShe campaign is a movements that promotes equality for men and womenA  "feminist" movement carried by both genders and that, is a movement I think is worth signing up for.
Thank you for reading, see you on Friday :)

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