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vendredi 15 août 2014

In loving memory...

Robin Williams

After having watched Jumanji yesterday evening for the 100th time, the fact that Robin Williams has passed away hit hard. 

The fact that such an emblematic figure has disappeared just baffles me, I regret the fact that further generations may never have such a personage to be inspired by, of course my thoughts go towards the family, the grand public are suffering a loss but I can not imagine the family's pain.

I think Robin Williams will remain my favorite actor of all times, I have never seen anyone as talented as him all the films he has ever played in are amazing, I mean Jumanji is epic, Mr's Doubtfire , the dead poets society, Will Hunting, Hook I could go on forever. 
For me he will always remain the genie in the lamp from Aladdin, a voice you could recognize from a mile.

He was able to bring happiness to people all around the world and that is how I shall remember this incredible man.

Here is a portrait I tried to do of Robin Williams (not the best but I tried)