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mardi 10 juin 2014

09 June /Very late supposed Friday post

How to draw/color

Hi everyone =)
First of all sorry this post is so late ,but internet problems etc are to blame.
Secondly in this how to draw, I will be showing you the different steps I follow to color in a drawing. 

I don't  use color very often on my drawings, I am always scared it will ruin it, however when I do decide to add color I use watercolor crayons.

For this one I chose to color over all the pencil shading I had already done, you don't have to do the same but I really like the way  it looks. 

First step: Start the skin with a light peach and roughly fill in the skin area
 Step two: Add brown to emphasize the shading
  Step Three: Add Orange in order to lighten the face, I insisted on the nose area and cheek area
 Step Four:Add eye color, eyebrows and lip color I used in the respected order: blue-green/brown/pink-red
 Step Five: Hair color , I started with going all over the hair with a Red pencil
 Step six: Still the hair but I added brown and yellow in order to have a more "natural" looking color

Final Image